2012 Events

2012 Speakers or Discussions

Here is past schedule as of 11/21/13

November 7, 2012


Feedback from Lighthouse Conference

October 2012

Richard NelsonAssistant Federal Security Director Screening

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport

Discussed TSA Screening and Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)

September 2012

Mary WelbaumCertified Pedorthist

Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics

Discussed Types of Compression Garments for Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)

May 2012

Member Testimonials (part I)

Selected Members discussed their personal experiences

(Greenville, SC)

April 2012

Alisa TurnerMedi Compression


Discussed Types of Compression Garments for Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)

March 2012

Branda Ellis

Yoga Instructor

Discussed Basic Yoga techniques to help Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)

February 2012

Angela CluneFlexitouch Representative

Tactile System Technology, Inc.


Discussed the FlexiTouch System and Treating Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)

January 2012

Dr. Gayle BlouinUniversity Medical Group Dept of Surgery

Breast Health Center

Greenville, SC

Discussed Cellulities and Lymphedema

(Greenville, SC)