A Welcome change for the Greenville UM Community

Post date: Aug 23, 2016 12:53:24 AM

Greenville, South Carolina -

August 22, 2016

Hello to our Upstate Monarch members and supporters,

We have some wonderful news from this summer to share. As a result of the showing we had at the last Greenville Community meeting with Dr. Lisa Darby, we have gained the financial sponsorship of the Bon Secours St. Francis Health System for the Upstate Monarch’s Greenville Community meeting.

This means that St. Francis will be an ongoing sponsor and will provide food and a possible new location for our Greenville meetings. We will be enjoying that option next month as we hold our next meeting of the UM Greenville Community on September 22nd. Our topic will be about Lipedema, a condition with similar treatment options and methods with Rebecca Griffeth. An announcement will be release about this meeting for more details in the near future.

I am very excited for our group to have this opportunity to expand our reach and upgrade to better amenities. We are hoping this support will help us take the message of active treatment and caring support discussions about Lymphedema and its related conditions to more people in the Greenville Area.

I hope this news can open a new approach to how we support of our Community Meetings across upstate. With our Anderson Community already enjoying a wonderful partnership with the Anderson Cancer Association and this generous sponsorship from St. Francis with our Greenville Community, we will look to continue this momentum in the next few months.

These opportunities may mean we will make some changes to our group schedule and meeting locations, but I promise we will continue to keep our mission to support and advocate for our communities in the forefront. Of course, we want, and need, your feedback and assistance as we explore those opportunities together.

I hope you had a great summer and we look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!


Bobby Clark

President, Upstate Monarchs

carlc@alumni.clemson.edu | www.upstatemonarchs.org

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