UM Members present at Doctor/OT Training Sessions in December

Post date: Dec 13, 2014 9:42:41 PM

Talks aim to show Clinicians more the chronic condition and give a hopeful example to share.

Upstate, South Carolina - Occupational Therapists (OT), Jeanne Nourse and Debbie Smith, plus Bobby Clark, President of Upstate Monarchs Lymphedema support group, spoke at two separate medical students sessions in Anderson and Greenville in December 2014. Bobby Clark spoke about his treatment history for Primary Lymphedema at both sessions while the OT Therapists discussed more clinical information about Lymphedema with the groups. Both sessions are Upstate Monarch’s attempt to share patient stories and experiences in an effort to expose more clinicians to a serious condition that requires diagnosis and treatment.

Jeanne Nourse and Bobby Clark spoke to a group of second and third year residents during a Lunch and Learn session at AnMed Medical Campus on December 4, 2014 in Anderson, South Carolina. Debbie Smith and Bobby Clark spoke to a group of OT students at Brown Mackie College on December 9th in Greenville, South Carolina.

Clark discussed his struggles with the condition and especially his recent positive experience from 2009-2014. He now is in a very successful maintenance regiment. "I feel I need to share the story with as many people as possible because I remember the sense of depression and hopelessness I felt because I was undiagnosed.", said Clark as he spoke to both groups. "I feel the best thing you can do for your patients is to give them a sense of hope that this condition can be managed successfully and suggest where they can find treatment and support". Upstate Monarchs plans to find other opportunities to speak to doctors, therapists and other clinicians in order to spread the word about Lymphedema as a chronic condition and how it can be successfully treated. We are very interested to speak to other groups who want to learn more about our shared experience. If you have an opportunity that can be helpful to their cause, please contact us at our email address,, or call us our group phone, (864) 214-6006.