Flexitouch Reps Demo Devices at February Meeting

Post date: Mar 8, 2012 5:22:03 AM

Greenville, South Carolina - Representatives Angela and Chris demoed Tactile Systems' Flexi-touch system and talked about device's use and target users. The Flexitouch device is an automated edema treatment device and one of the few devices which mimics actual Lymph Drainage Treament. The Device stimulates the lymphatic system is the same way a lymphedema therapist does a clinical session.

Members asked several questions of Angela and Chris. A few members were actually using the device and were able to and share expreiences with using the device. Next month's Meeting will feature Brenda Ellis who will discuss Yoga technics and its positive effect with Lymphedema.

Angela and Chris from Tactile System Technology

gave a talk about the Flexitouch Device.