MEDI demos compression wear to members

Post date: Apr 5, 2012 9:27:04 PM

Greenville, South Carolina - Members braved the April Showers, as Alisa Turner of Medi-USA spoke about 20 minutes on Medi-USA compression options and solutions for Lymphedema. Medi Compression is the oldest compression garment maker in the world and is a family-owned business starting in Germany.

Alisa talked about tips for wearing garments and show off a garment "butler" for putting on high compression garments. Many of the group members had several questions about wear and options. We discussed lobbying efforts, difficulties promoting awareness, and some studies from Medi that may benefit members as they purchase garments in the future, including a possible study showing that garment with a new patented material can be as almost as effective in preventing infection as ones with silver.

Thanks to Alisa for coming by and demonstrating her options to the group.

Alisa demos a bulter device which can help

users put on a garment correctly and quickly.