Speaker Schedule for 2011-2012 Meetings

Post date: Dec 5, 2011 11:49:48 PM

Greenville, South Carolina - We have finalized the speakers' Schedule for next several months. Support Discussion normally begin at 5:30 PM after the business meeting which begins at 5 PM. Our location is Earth Fare Community Room on Pelham Road.

Here is schedule as of 12/7/11 (Please the times and speakers are subject to change)

Past Speakers

October 2011

Dr. Wendy Cornett -

Discussed "Early Signs and Treatment options for Lymphedema"

Greenville Hospital System

Greenville, SC

November 2011

Debbie Smith & Heidi Grant -

Discussed "Anatomy of Lymphedema"

Smith Therapy

December 2011

Patsy Taylor -

Discussed Prosthetic garments

"Designed by Nature"

Greenwood, SC

Future Speakers

January 2012Dr. Gayle Blouin

University Medical Group Dept of Surgery

Breast Health Center

Greenville, SC

Dr. Blouin will discuss "Cellulitis and Lymphedema"

February 2012

Brenda Ellis (Tentative)

March 2012

Dr. Thomas Oliver (Tentative)

Vascular Health Alliance

Greenville, SC

April 2012

User Testimonials (Tentative)

Various users